Winter snow means good sap flow!

It has been quite a few years since we had a ‘real winter’ with a long stretch of cold and snowy weather. While it makes all of the outside chores harder to complete it is a great asset to the crops. Snow has long been called the ‘poor man’s fertilizer’. The reason is that falling snow traps air when it falls.   Nitrogen, which is around 70% of our atmosphere, is one of the major building blocks of plant life. The fields derive some benefit from this trapped Nitrogen and that makes for increased productivity. I would never simply rely upon this as a source of fertility but along with my soil building program here, it is a welcome addition. I’m gearing up to get the sugaring equipment ready for this seasons’ run of maple sap. It looks like it may be time to tap the trees soon and I am eagerly anticipating a good batch of maple syrup. Right now the weather has reminded me of winters that lead to spring time bounty and I can almost smell the sap boiling down to syrup.

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