Welcome Megan Moore!


Welcome Megan Moore

Welcome Megan Moore

Help me welcome Megan Moore.  Megan started working as our new Volunteer Coordinator last Friday the 13th.  You might think that was an inauspicious date to begin work, but Megan showed up with a can-do attitude and enough energy for several people. As well, while we work on developing our NYC core group Megan will serve as our interim Hell’s Kitchen distribution group coordinator.  Megan comes to us from  the Ohio Campaign for Change for candidate Obama, where she was the Volunteer Coordinator from September to November 2008.  Experiencing the tremendous value of community development first hand, Megan decided that working to build our  CSA meets this life goal. “It was totally exciting helping people realize that they could be involved and have a positive impact.   I want to help people learn how they can connect with an organic farm and instill a meaningful relationship through building community.” Megan graduated NYU with a degree in English and American Literature. While at NYU she was the Student Liaison for Sustainable Dining where her duties included consulting  regarding sustainable food options and waste management in NYU’s largest dining hall.    Her first day on farm Megan rolled up her sleeves to help with livestock chores in addition to her office duties. Leaving for the day she rated her first day on farm as “AWESOME”!  

Please email Megan at Volunteer or call  973-293-8171 to schedule a visit. Be sure to leave a message if we are out of the office and in the field!

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