May The Farm Be With You

Virginia, who coordinates the Verona CSA, lives in a Star Wars-obsessed household; if you join, you may see Darth Vader at pickup.  But a funny thing happened when she went searching on YouTube for a video to teach the rest of us how to post them: She found that the “Force” had even found its way to organic farming.

This very clever film is on a par with The Meatrix, which was also produced by the aptly named Free Range Studios. In both cases humble foods take on the role of the blockbuster giants to get very  pointed messages across about the differences between how food is produced and the perception of how it is produced. I have gotten outraged calls from other farmers who are inflamed about “You organic guys”smearing “real” farmers.

The simple truth is that many family-owned farms make every effort to produce food responsibly. The faceless corporate giants that produce most of the food and the agri-chemical-industrial complex that is driving research to keep them in business are not interested in finding sustainable solutions to provide abundant and healthy food. Profit is the motive and concessions have been made for the sake of profit. Peanuts anyone?? Milk from China?? Pet food?? Know your farmer and visit the farm. Join a CSA and participate in your food. Celebrate the food value and social value of being a part of this process rather than staying apart from it.  In 2009 Upper Meadows CSA shares cost between 77 cents and 95 cents per vegetable portion. You can eat fresh, local, organic food, join a great community and not break the bank.

May the farm be with you.


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  1. […] April 14, 2009 by Farmer Len Sustainable  Table, the local eating group that created the amusing Meatrix video, has a good post about two of the saddest terms in American food production today –factory […]

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