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On the right side of this page, you’ll see a collection of links under the heading “Food Producers We Love”. One of those links is to Plaid Piper Farm in Branchville, NJ.

I was one of the people who helped Paul Dalrymple and Eileen Griffiths get started on their present farming adventure, taking them through the paces of pastured poultry. In the way of farmer neighbors of the past, Paul came and lent a hand with my fencing project and as we worked we discussed the rigors of pastured poultry management.  

Taking the advice I could offer and spending quite some time soaking up every bit of available information (not forgetting all the hard work), they have developed a superior product and many very happy customers.  Virginia, our Essex County CSA coordinator, got one of their turkeys last Thanksgiving and told me that it was the best turkey she had ever eaten. (She had been tipped off to Plaid Piper by her sons’ scout troop leader, not me.)  Having had the pleasure of trying all their products I can tell you that their chicken is also fabulous!

Upper Meadows crew at Plaid Piper. Paul in front Eileen hiding back right

Upper Meadows crew at Plaid Piper. Paul in front Eileen hiding back right

 So even though Thanksgiving is nowhere in sight, it’s time to think about Plaid Piper’s turkeys. Because of the recession, Paul and Eileen are asking for customers to help them determine what they should raise this year so they can make appropriate plans. If you plan on eating turkey, chicken or pork this year, take a look at Plaid Piper and tell them how much you might want.  Yes, I produce beef and eggs, and will have broilers and turkeys this year but you really want to consider Paul and Eileen’s too. (In 2007 I lent my crew to Plaid Piper for a day to help with the turkeys.) No one farm can or should be relied upon to supply everything. Supporting small farms with an emphasis on farms is vital to all small farms surviving. I am a very staunch advocate of supporting other responsible local farmers.  Plaid Piper deserves your support and with great products to offer, I can think of no better reason to eat locally this year.

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