A White House Veggie Garden

eattheviewPart of me thinks we have better things to do now in America than track what the President and his family are eating. But a blog called “Obama Foodorama” has posted a link to an ABC News story that says the White House will definitely be getting a vegetable garden.

The news organization got a worker from the National Park Service, which maintains the White House grounds, to tell them where the garden will be on the South Lawn and that the White House Residence Staff will be managing the garden, not the NPS. The residence staff reports directly to First Lady Michelle Obama, who has told Oprah magazine she views the garden as a way to educate the public about the benefits of fresh food. Back in February, when TreeHugger first ran a story hinting at a White House garden, it quoted an adviser to USDA chief Tom Vilsack as saying this about President Obama’s food choices:

During the campaign, going around shaking peoples’ hands, he never got sick once. He was eating well, and it could have to do with having an organic chef with him.

Groups like Eat The View, which did the photo montage above, have been working hard to get a vegetable patch back at the White House; it had a victory garden during World War II.

UPDATE: It’s official. Fifth-graders from a Washington, D.C. elementary school will be at the White House today for the groundbreaking. The White House is spending $200 on seeds and supplies, and it will plant 55 varieties of vegetables!

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