Meet Jeff Perry

jeff-perry-iconJeff Perry is a native of New Jersey and works as an executive chef.  He attended Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island and he is also a Certified Executive Chef from The American Culinary Federation.  Jeff and his wife Michelle have been members of Upper Meadows Farm’s Community Supported Agriculture program for five years and he is currently the coordinator for the Flanders pick-up site at Ashley Farms.  He is also our farm’s culinary guru; creating recipes from the weekly shares, planning holiday menus, and sharing helpful culinary hints.

Even with all that Jeff is as ready to lend a hand in the field or with any farm chore. You are not likely to meet anyone with more of a “can-do” attitude!  Jeff and Michelle joined the CSA to be involved with a local NJ farm. I will always remember their first visit to the farm when Jeff tried one variety of hot pepper after another  right in the field. As his eyes teared up, Michelle commented that he’s  just that way and she is perfectly happy to let Jeff eat all the hot peppers.   Ever since they have been active members of  Upper Meadows’ food community.  They appreciate the  opportunities that we offer for folks to gain first-hand knowledge of organic farming practices and participate in their food from the field to their plate.

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