Is NAIS an Ag Version of Star Wars?

I am strongly opposed to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s plan for a National Animal Identification System, NAIS for short. Please don’t just take my word for it that this is a poor idea, read this post from “La Vida Locavore”, a food blog we track here.

To Jill Richardson, the writer of the post, NAIS makes about as much sense as Star Wars. Not the movie series that plagues Virginia’s life, but the missile defense shield proposed by President Ronald Reagan. And to prove it, she shreds the assertion by Minnesota Democratic Congressman Collin Peterson that the NAIS would be necessary if there were an outbreak of foot and mouth disease in the U.S. (For the record, America’s domesticated livestock are FMD-free now.)

The threat, if you care about our export markets for livestock, is roughly like a nuclear bomb. It could come anytime, from anywhere, and it’s instant (economic) annihilation. It’s really scary. The government’s general plan if it happens is to find all of the sick or exposed animals as quickly as possible and kill them. Yes – you read that right. This is a disease that nearly all animals recover from naturally, but the government would kill them. And to aid with the killing, they want to register all animals in a burdensome, costly, Big Brothery national animal ID system.

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