Every Day is Earth Day at Upper Meadows Farm!


The first earth day, back in 1970, was organized as a peoples protest against what was happening to the land, earth, water and air. There was a huge outpouring of public concern that took the form of action; from the planting of trees and local cleanups to calls for changes in public policy. We like to think that every day on the farm is earth day, maybe because of our so frequent interaction with the soil and fresh air, but also because every day we are working to grow food that nourishes both people and the earth.

Here’s what’s new this week on the farm, during our constant Earth Day Celebration:

  • We finished our last batch of maple syrup! All of the buckets are collected and washed, ready for next season. We produced over 20 cases of amazing syrup this season, thanks to cooperation from weather and the trees. All of our buckets are recycled food grade buckets, and will be used again this summer for harvest and maybe even to pickle.
  • Our older greenhouse that was blown around this winter has been reassembled and all of our baby kale, cabbage, collards, broccoli, and cauliflower are in their new temporary home. Bonnie has been planting lots of lettuce, tomatoes (I can’t wait for good tomoatoes!), and peppers in the potting shed. We lovingly/tediously mended the old green house cover instead of buying a new one. One more season and then we’ll get a new one.
  • The cows are moved into their new ever-expanding pasture, and we welcomed our newest calf, Miriam, to the farm. Pasture fed beef is better for the environment than industrial beef in countless ways. Some big ones are cleaner water and air, better soil, and healthier animals and humans.
  • We are cutting potatoes furiously to be ready for our big Potato Planting Party this weekend! Traditional farming of potatoes in places like Iowa, in sandy permeable soil, can leak chemical pesticides into the groundwater. Our clay loam soils consistently produce the most wonderful, dense and tasty potatoes folks have ever had according to  most of our members.
  • Our first batch of asparagus is up for the season! Spring at last!! Of course, the weather is like a huge roller coaster now but keep your fingers crossed that we’ll get a good harvest this year and we’ll all be enjoying these super spears.
  • First asparagus!

    First asparagus!


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