The Only Reason You’ll Need To Join A CSA

upper-meadows-potatoesMany of you who have visited Upper Meadows Farm’s blog or attended its new member meetings seem to be looking for one compelling reason to join its community-supported agriculture program this year. We’ve told you you about the value of our CSA and given you a preview of its bounty.

But times are tight, and carefully worded rationales may just not cut it right now. So I’m going to ask you to consider this: The Cesar Potato Salad in the latest issue of Bon Appetit. The Web photo doesn’t quite do the recipe justice. In the magazine, the colors pop off the page thanks to the many hues of its ingredients: Purple, blue and yellow-fleshed potatoes; red-skinned potatoes, radishes and red onions; fat snap peas.

Good luck finding those ingredients in an ordinary supermarket. A gourmet food store might have them, but at a price you’d more likely associate with an aged Porterhouse steak.

Recipes like Cesar Potato Salad, however, just scream CSA. Upper Meadows Farm has almost all the ingredients you’ll need for it (Leonard doesn’t make cheese) and they will be delivered to you within a few short hours of being harvested.

Our first CSA distribution is just about 4 weeks away. I hope you’ll be joining us.

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