How to get this blog delivered

In past years, I would e-mail our CSA members every week with updates on the farm and the world of organic food. It would take me hours every week, time that needed to be spent on farming instead.

So this year, I made the switch to a blog. Now, if I want to send out a quick update on something important–like Upper Meadows Farm’s impending appearance on Fox News–I can just post a few words and publish. You can read about what’s going on in small doses, rather than wade through one big long e-mail. And those of you who buy produce from us at one of our farmers markets can be just as up to date on what’s happening as those of you who belong to the CSA. I can share the task of writing with some of the other people who help out at the farm, like Jeff, Virginia and Megan, and you can talk back to us anytime by simply adding your comments to anything we write.

With so much going on in your lives, however, it can be hard to remember to check up regularly on anything on the Internet, even your farm. But with WordPress, the blog software we use, you don’t have to. It will deliver the news to you if you do a few simple things.

Just under our blue banner to the left, you will see an orange icon and the words “Entries RSS”. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and it is a really simple way to push out news. Click on “Entries RSS” and you go to a page that begins with the words “Subscribe to this feed using” and a box that lets you make some choices.

What you will be choosing is a way to read our news and you can choose Google, MyYahoo, Microsoft’s Outlook or Bloglines. Selecting Google, for example, will take you to a page where you can opt to have our news be posted on your Google homepage or to a separate Google reader. Then our news will take its place alongside all the other things you like to read, and you’ll never miss an update.

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