Six Degrees Of Separation, CSA-Style

The C in CSA stands for community, and there was a lot of it at the second Verona distribution today. As we unloaded Leonard’s truck, and sorted and weighed and bagged, we discovered many, many connections between the members of our organic farm community. To wit:

  • Adrienne, who was our lead volunteer today, is good friends with a New Jersey vintner that I interviewed for a story last week;
  • Adrienne’s husband runs the library where Meg’s mother works;
  • Meg’s son and Amy’s daughter went all through elementary, middle and high school together, and their younger children are now together in school;
  • Amy’s son plays the tuba in the high school band with my nephew;
  • My dad and Amy’s dad were good friends at Lafayette College; and
  • Adrian, another new member, bought the house next door to Meg’s parents many years ago and his daughters played with Meg’s children when they were little.

I have known Meg for years, and I admit to having cajoled her and her family to join the CSA this year. But I never knew that there were any connections between her and the people I met in our new member meetings. And, amazingly, none of them knew that the other was planning on joining Upper Meadows Farm’s CSA until they all showed up in the parking lot.


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