Singing In The Rain

It’s been raining as much at the farm as it has at our distribution sites. The deluge has been good news for some crops and definitely more than other crops–and our cows–like to have.


Rainy Sorrel Harvest

On the plus side, our kales, lettuces and cucumbers are thriving, as our CSA members saw with the kale they got in their Week 2 distribution. On the minus side, the rain has put us behind schedule on planting some of our tomatoes and peppers, so we’re hoping for some more breaks in the weather soon. And because our cows roam the farm (more about that in another post), they are collecting a lot of muck on their hooves, which will bear watching and cleaning.

Happy Wet Lettuce

Happy Wet Lettuce

The happiest creatures at Upper Meadows Farm right now may be the slugs, which are thriving. (I suppose I could have titled this post “Slugfest”.) Putting out beer traps wouldn’t make much of a dent in the population and it would severely dent my beer budget.

Here’s hoping for sunshine.



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  1. Your fields look amazing!

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