The Great Kale Challenge

pomegranateI can’t believe I didn’t know that pomegranates have a season and that season is not now.

When I posted the reciped for the kale-potato galette last week, I got a comment expressing relief that it was finally a kale recipe without pork. So I decided to go looking for other pork-less kale recipes even though I think that pork–organic pork–should be one of the major food groups. They are not easy to find. Browsing the big food sites, I came upon recipe after recipe for kale that had some sort of pork component. Why, I don’t know. Would they have traditionally been available at the same time of year? Does the sweetness of the kale balance the saltiness of the pork? Whatever the reason, there’s a definite pattern.

And then I found this recipe, labeled Matchstick Pasta, on, my favorite vegetarian recipe site. The photo was gorgeous and the recipe really seemed to show off the kale. So I went shopping for pomegranates. None at ShopRite, ditto Kings, Foodtown and Whole Foods. Finally, I went to the little Korean market in town and the woman there solemnly informed me that “pomegranates are not in season now.” And sure enough, when I looked up pomegranates in Wikipedia, I learned their season is October to January. The 101cookbooks post was made last November–prime season.

Maybe I should be happy that no one has figured out–as they have with tomatoes–how to deliver cardboard-tasting versions of pomegranates off season. I am consoling myself with the Garlic Soba Noodles, but Leonard, if there is any way to have a fall crop of kale, I would get pomegranates for a crowd.


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