Week 5 Distribution.

Week 5 Distribution!


  • Siberian Kale
  • Cracoviensis Lettuce
  • Baby Red Onions
  • Red Deer Tongue Lettuce- An heirloom lettuce that was grown by early Native Americans, Deer Tongue is a mild succulent loose leaf lettuce with beautiful coloring.
  • Batavian Escarole– A nice zesty green with crunch, escarole is related to chicory and endive. This variety has a nice bite, and is great in the salad bowl or braised.
  • Parsley
  • Forellenschluss Lettuce
  • Collards-Related to broccoli to cabbage this awesome hearty greens are a good source of vitamins A and C. I’m on the look out for some good sustainable bacon to cook up with these this week.
  • This week’s extras: Nettles, Grape Leaves, and Flowers
Red Deer Tongue

Red Deer Tongue











2 Responses

  1. At the Verona pick up, I mentioned what I’ve been doing with the Siberian kale–a very tasty kale pesto and tomato pie–and a few people asked for the recipe. I got it here:


    I use frozen pie crust and leave it in the tin. I also followed the directions for cooking the crust first, since it was pretty mushy when I didn’t. I bet the filing would be great in a vegetarian lasagna, too.

  2. Thanks, Mark. Looks like we should get cooking!

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