Freezing Kale

Let’s just say–hypothetically speaking–you were beginning to experience kale overload. But you knew you loved the taste and wanted to have it some time later in the season. Maybe you want to hold on to some and use it with Upper Meadows Farm tomatoes in that kale-tomato pie that Mark shared in his comment on the Week 5 distribution. Maybe you want to save some for a soup when the fall chill sets in. What could you do?

Freeze it.

It’s not that hard, and “Not Martha”, a Web site I could love for its name alone, has a lovely picture-laden tutorial on how to do it. I’m willing to bet you’ll never taste anything quite as good in your supermarket’s freezer case.


2 Responses

  1. This is fabulous! I’m definitely going to try this at home. Super helpful, thank you!

  2. By the way, I should have noted that, unlike the Not Martha author, I chop the stems into 1/2 inch pieces and then blanch and freeze them separately. I think they’ll be very good in soups come fall.

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