July is Good Beer Month!


I have been wanting to do a beer + food blog post for a while, and upon reading that July is Good Beer Month I figured there could be no better time.

Let me just start by saying that I really like beer, everything from home-brews to the occasional freezing cold PBR. (I was not so long a go a college kids, let’s remember.) Lately,  I have really started to focus on some local and maybe more complex (dare I say grown-up?) beers, and what to eat with my libations.  (Did you know that hops are a natural appetite stimulant?) I have newly been enjoying super hop-py beers and I have been seriously eying the hops that grow outside our office.

  • Magic Hat Brewing Company’s Wacko: Summer Seasonal– This is easily my new favorite session beer. It’s light and subtly hoppy and fizzy. It is serious roof/porch/beach drinking beer. Beet juice gives it a hint of sweetness and a fabulous (although maybe a little girly) pink hue. I picture it with crisp green salads with lots of our Forellenschluss lettuce, toasted nuts, and silky goat cheese.
  • Saranac India Pale Ale: This IPA is uper hoppy but really light in color. It has beautiful citrus notes, and an almost grassy end.  Because it’s a little bit bitter, i’d love it with a big juice pasture fed burger. (Although Saranac does sell their spent grain to local NY farmers as feed. )
  • Saranac Pomegranate Wheat: Ok, so maybe another girly beer but this is really delicious. It’s not sweet at all, and is super crisp and fizzy. I drank it with some Brie cheese, crisp crackers, and some local Raspberry jam. I can only imagine how good it will be with some of our organic Black Cap berries.
  • Victory Brewing Co.’s Sunrise Weissbeer: I don’t always love strong wheat beers, but I found this refreshing and citrusy. I love the high carbonation and the hazy wheat color. This is the obvious best friend of some local NJ seafood. Mmmmmm buttery steamers and beer.

What are you members drinking this summer?

3 Responses

  1. Westmalle Tripel, (if I can find it) a holdover from my years in Belgium. It is the only beer that ever cause me to wander across a national border without a passport.

  2. “Welcome Back Bill” homebrewed dubbel (sp?). Aged the whole time my friend was in iraq (one year). Cracked the first bottle two weeks ago, marvelous, 12% alcohol.

    The farm hops make good beer. Let me know what you guys harvest and i’ll try to come up and we can brew for the picnic!

  3. This is a cool article about backyard hops:

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