How to store lettuce

Some CSA members dive right in to their salad greens; some like to eat them bit by bit over the week. If you’re in the latter group and want to make your lettuce last until the next distribution, you have to learn how to store it properly. But rather than give you a long-winded spiel, I’m going to send you to, which has an excellent picture tutorial on the right way to store greens.


One Response

  1. I recommend that you do NOT use a knife on the lettuce if you are going to cut it before you store it. Tearing by hand stops the leaves browning where they were cut.

    I also like to just throw the leaves in a big ziploc with a wadded up paper towel to prevent any accumulation of moisture in the refrigerator. After a couple of days, change out the towel for a new one to keep the lettuce from getting soggy…

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