Speaking up on the animal ID plan

I wrote, a few months back, about my opposition to the national animal identification system, a Bush administration plan to track all farm animals with computerized tags. There’s been a lot of opposition to the plan on food and farming blogs, and now it is coming to the mainstream press: The New York Times ran this article over the weekend about western ranchers who are vehemently and vocally opposed to NAIS.

According to the Organic Consumers Association, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has put out a call for comments on the plan. The deadline to make your opinion on NAIS heard is August 3, and all the information on how to speak to your legislator about this is on OCA’s Web site.

This is not simply a case of ‘Big Brother’ looking over our shoulder. It is more tailored to serve the needs of the mega-agricultural-industrial complex. Although the information would be ‘strictly confidential’ any leak of information would provide market demand and trends for the entire country. How easy then would it be for the big producers (CAFOs) to use the information to control the market? VERY! In a world where information is power, what would ever justify a governmental mandate to provide that information to your competition?

Look to see who is pushing for this and it is a laundry list of Big Ag. Let’s not give them the tools to destroy independent agriculture! Let us be heard! Don’t settle to just be a part of the herd, you may be counted next.


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