One Monsanto Booster Gets USDA Post, Another In Line?

I’m just catching up to two bits of bothersome news about food safety in the U.S. The Organic Consumers Association has put out an alert that Michael Taylor, a former lobbyist for Monsanto, has been named a senior advisor to the Food and Drug Administration Commissioner on food safety. Monsanto, of course, is the company that has been doing the most to push genetically modified food onto our tables.

Bad enough, but now there’s a story in Grist that Pennsylvania’s former secretary of agriculture, a man who tried to keep consumers from knowing their milk had been produced with growth hormones, may be named under-secretary of agriculture for food safety. In 2007, you may recall, Dennis Wolff–a dairy farmer by trade–tried to ban the use of the words “rbGH-free” on rbGH-free milk sold in Pennsylvania. (The growth hormone was a Monsanto product at the time and has since been sold to Eli Lilly.) Pennsylvania consumers had better sense and took their case to their governor, who overruled Wolff’s decision.

If you would like to tell the White House that Wolff is not the kind of person you want watching out for the safety of your food, you can sign the petition created by the OCA here.


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