Swiss Chard Crustless Quiche

Swiss chard pie, hold the crust

Swiss chard pie, hold the crust

Sometimes you just need a meal that you can mix in one bowl, cook in one pan and eat on one plate. Tonight was one of those times.

Luckily, with the onions, kale, cabbage and Swiss chard in this week’s share, I was well on my way to getting that done. My recipe of choice was the Miraculous Spinach Quiche on King Arthur Flour’s Web site. About 10 minutes to mix, 50 minutes in a springform pan in the oven, and dinner is served.

There are variations of the crustless quiche theme all over the Internet. The idea is that you mix the flour and fats in with the vegetables, eggs and cheese and, as it bakes, each ingredient regroups in the proper place in the pan. Don’t ask me to give you the kitchen science behind it all, that’s Alton Brown’s department.

Of course, while tasty, the result is not anything remotely like a quiche. (Full disclosure: I am a French major, former French government employee, prone to reading Julia Child cookbooks in my spare time and therefore highly defensive of French cooking in all its butter, cream and lardon glory.) Mark Bittman, in his excellent How To Cook Everything Vegetarian cookbook, calls his version simply Chard Pie, and notes that it can just as easily be made with kale or cabbage. Alas while Bittman seems to be quite the Francophile, his book does not include a recipe for a tourte de blettes, the sweet-savory Swiss chard pie that’s common in the south of France. For that, check Epicurious.


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