Week 14 Share

This Week’s Share:
Individual Share Chose 6

* Hearty White Onions
* Collards
* Parsley
* Red Russian Kale
* Purslane
* Potatoes
* Lemon Basil
* Baby Bronze Arrowhead Lettuce
* Apples

Cucumbers, Leeks, Curly Kale, Chanterelles, Okra
Jersey Seafood Available This Week!

We will have a limited amount of FRESH off-the-boat fish, 20/30 scallops, and little neck clams.

All fish is local NJ Seafood from the Barnegat Bay!

We have 3 Shares Available:

* Captains Share: Includes 4 doz clams, scallops, and fish PRICE: $80
* Fin Fish Share : Between 2 and 4 pounds of fish depending on type PRICE: $40
* Shellfish Share: 4 doz clams and between 2 and 5 pounds of scallops (20/30) PRICE: $55

We have a limited quantity so first come first served!

Please contact Megan to place your order to be picked up at distribution.

Did you order your organic chicken for this week yet?

Click here for our easy online order form.


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