Spaghetti Squash In Two Rounds

I’m not a fan of spaghetti squash. I like lots of types of winter squash; I love spaghetti. But I’m not quite sure what the first breeder of  spaghetti squash was thinking when he produced this vegetable. I, however, got outvoted by my kids at the Week 16 CSA distribution, and we came home with a giant spaghetti squash.

So I turned to Epicurious, and up popped spaghetti squash with parsley walnut pesto. That was practically a hole in one for the Week 16 share, which contained beautiful parsley and killer garlic. Whether it was the freshness of those two ingredients or the recipe’s insistence on toasting the walnuts and adding lemon zest, the pesto was fabulous and a nice counterpart to the squash.

But good or no, I had a lot of leftover squash to clear from the dinner table. So I typed “leftover spaghetti squash” into Google and came up with spaghetti squash pancakes. I’ve been experimenting with vegetable pancakes this summer, and this was another interesting addition to the recipe box. I didn’t have soy flour, so I subbed chickpea flour and that seemed to work. I also roughly chopped the squash so that there would be no long strands poking out of the pancake and used whole milk because I always use whole milk.

I’m not too demanding of leftovers. I just want them to not be leftover again. But I could see making these pancakes as a first use of a spaghetti squash the next time one appears in our shares.


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