Funky Apples and Sooty Blotch

Upper Meadows Farm Red Delicious AppleI know, it sounds like some sort of garage band.

A few of you asked me what was going on with the Red Delicious apples that we had at last week’s CSA distribution. The short answer is: 26 days of rain in June.

The technical answer is that the endless rain we had in June and the very cool weather left our apples with something called sooty blotch and flyspeck. SBFS is a fungal complex that stakes its claim to the outside of an apple. The blemishes it causes compromise the beauty of the apple,  but they don’t affect the safety or, thankfully, the taste of the fruit.

If I were a conventional grower, I would have knocked out SBFS by waging chemical warfare on my apples, dousing them with fungicides. But I’m not.

Our Delicious apples are from an older scion graft and so still have more of the flavor and less of the shape that characterizes the beautiful, but tasteless “Delicious” apples that everyone is familiar with today. This season’s apples may not be visually pleasing, but when you get past the skin and bite in, you will understand why they were called “delicious” in the first place.


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  1. Its exciting to hear about apples and pears in the distribution. I know that when we were members we did not see that.

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