Watching whales instead of veggies

I got this e-mail and photo from Rose Boeve, a member of the Hell’s Kitchen CSA group.

A few weeks ago I sent an e-mail to Leonard Pollara, asking whether it was ok if a friend of mine would pick up my veggies, as I would be out of town for a weekend. Leonard responded that that was ok, and asked me where I would spend my weekend out of town. I went whale watching in Cape Cod, and was asked to write a little for the farm’s blog.   After a six hour drive and freezing but beautiful outdoor camping we got up early Saturday morning to watch the whales. Unfortunately, the ocean was so rough that the whales did not let us watch them…   Sunday morning, we got up early again (this was heavier than the day before, as Saturday nights in Cape Cod appeared to be very entertaining!). After an hour on a very calm ocean something was waving at us from the waves, splashing around. An immense but beautiful creature appeared, a humpback whale (megaptera novaeangliae), swimming around so peacefully. Our boat was full of people, but once the whales appeared everyone got silent and watched.   All in all it was an amazing experience, you feel so little on the wide ocean, surrounded by big mammals, beautiful!!



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