What We Grow



Of Upper Meadow’s 153 acres, we plant over 12 with some 200 varieties of vegetables. Most years, we have everything from asparagus and several kinds of beans to potatoes, tomatoes and watermelon.

We have vegetables and herbs you will recognize, and some you won’t, like amaranth and bergamot. But even familiar can show up in unfamiliar guises, like the several colors of zucchini we grow. We have several varieties of apple and pear trees, as well as berry bushes and, in some years, our own maple syrup and honey.

Check the Produce Profile category of our blog to learn what we are planting this year and how it is doing. Or check This Week’s Shares (in season) to see what is in our CSA distribution .

The rest of farm is given over to forest and grazing land for our beef, geese, chickens and sometimes turkeys. We raise free-range chickens for both eggs and meat; calves are born here on farm and raised on pasture until mature and ready for slaughter. Though not part of our regular CSA distribution, these products are available to CSA members at discount.

Our woodlands provide Scotch Pine, Douglas Fir and White Pine, as White Ash, Oak, Hickory, Black Cherry, Poplar and Sycamore, among others. As a result, we have a small supply of some unique hardwoods and pines, which friends of mine have turned into furniture and household accents.

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