Upper Meadows Farm CSA 2009 Agreement Terms

I/we understand and agree that:
I/We are purchasing one subscription share [Premium Executive, Family, Individual, or Half] from Upper Meadows Farm CSA.

To complete the subscription process I/We will provide all requested information on the Agreement Form and submit with payment.
Please make checks payable to Upper Meadows Farm.

I/We may cancel our subscription up to the 17th day of June 2009 and be provided a refund from which a 10% administrative fee and distributed produce value will be deducted. No cause need be stated.

The share will be comprised of vegetables, fruits, flowers or other products produced on or provided by Upper Meadows Farm.

I/We will volunteer no less than 4 hours of my time [per subscription] to Upper Meadows Farm CSA for activities (to be arranged) during the year. [] Members completing their volunteer requirement will be given priority for renewal.

All products included in the share will be Certified Organic or, if not [such as honey, herbed vinegars, etc.] Upper Meadows Farm CSA will provide clear notice of both character and origin of the products.

In recognition of the variability of living natural production systems we accept that produce availability may vary as to type and quantity that will be reflected in our share composition.

Our share will be available to pick up on the agreed upon day. Also, that share will be forfeited if notice of change has not been received on farm two days prior to scheduled pick up.

Share composition will be posted and substitutions may not be taken without first obtaining specific permission. We may choose to leave any or all, of our share, which will then be disposed of in a manner to be determined by the distribution coordinator.

When available, “extra” produce will be offered during distribution on a first come, first served basis.

When on farm we will restrict our actions so as to remain in the distribution area unless accompanied by a farm employee elsewhere.

I/We will raise any concerns or issues we may have with the CSA routinely, constructively and in a timely manner to aid Upper Meadows Farm CSA in achieving excellence in serving our nutritional, wellness, and gastronomic needs.

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