Week 15 Shares

Individual Shares Choose 6

  • Sweet NJ Corn
  • Swiss Chard
  • White Russian Kale
  • Red Cabbage
  • Purslane
  • Parsley
  • Cucumbers
  • Scallions or Leeks or Garlic
  • Basil
  • EXTRAS: fresh flowers

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    Week 14 Share

    This Week’s Share:
    Individual Share Chose 6

    * Hearty White Onions
    * Collards
    * Parsley
    * Red Russian Kale
    * Purslane
    * Potatoes
    * Lemon Basil
    * Baby Bronze Arrowhead Lettuce
    * Apples

    Cucumbers, Leeks, Curly Kale, Chanterelles, Okra
    Jersey Seafood Available This Week!

    We will have a limited amount of FRESH off-the-boat fish, 20/30 scallops, and little neck clams.

    All fish is local NJ Seafood from the Barnegat Bay!

    We have 3 Shares Available:

    * Captains Share: Includes 4 doz clams, scallops, and fish PRICE: $80
    * Fin Fish Share : Between 2 and 4 pounds of fish depending on type PRICE: $40
    * Shellfish Share: 4 doz clams and between 2 and 5 pounds of scallops (20/30) PRICE: $55

    We have a limited quantity so first come first served!

    Please contact Megan to place your order to be picked up at distribution.

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    Week 13 Share, and Chickens!

    This Week’s Share:

    • Greek Oregano
    • Leeks
    • Siberian Kale
    • Purslane
    • Rattlesnake Beans
    • Garlic Chives
    • Yellow Onions
    • Mixed Salad Greens
    • Cucumbers

    EXTRAS: Lacinato Kale, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Flowers
    Individual shares choose 6.

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    Things are sprouting!

    The past few days on the farm have been a beautiful reminder that spring is not too far away. (Although these snow flurries are troublesome.) Coming back to the farm after just a week floored me. Things change so quickly, both at the hands of nature and the crew here. The surrounding frozen lakes are thawed and the tundra hills are showing specks of green. The new kitchen looks amazing, and the market edition is progressing every day.

    But perhaps the most exciting change is in the potting shed, where Bonnie’s empty black cups are sprouting little green things!

    Cabbage was the first to sprout!


    Keep checking the blog for growing updates! Leeks and onions are going in next!

    Seeds And More Seeds–We Start Planting!!

    To quote the late George Peppard, ” I love it when a plan comes together!” Megan and Bonnie finished the seed inventory last week. With 257 varieties in hand we are up and running in the greenhouse. So far this season we are up on the timing and making deadlines is seeming to be easy! Bonnie and her brother, Jason Grover, finished the re-glazing of the potting shed on Wednesday and spent Thursday getting  all of the the shelving set. With benches in place, Bonnie is starting to plant. First to go in are the Brassicas (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, collards, etc.) and aliums (onions, scallions, leeks, etc.).

    2006 lettuce flats in the potting house

    2006 lettuce flats in the potting house

    Next will be the lettuces and escarole. These will be set out in the field around mid to late April. This year I’m pushing the early greens earlier than I ever have since we have had bad luck in the past two years with a freak week of 80ºF weather in May. The strategy is to get them in and under row covers so that they can gain some size before (and if) a heat wave might drive them to seed. Bigger plants are sometimes more bolt resistant early on in the year.  When I first started growing commercially I did all my own transplants. In 1989 I first used a certified organic greenhouse grower called Silver Seed down in Maryland on the eastern shore. Jay Martin, the grower, devised a really neat hand-held wand that he used with a vacuum to plant into the plant flats rather than using one of the big commercial deck type units that cost thousands.

    2006onions, parsley, cilantro in the potting house

    2006 onions, parsley, cilantro in the potting house

    I just found the same seeder for sale and picked up one for 72 cell trays and one for 128 cell trays; the two most common sizes I use. I started doing all my own transplants in 2007 again because shipping was just too expensive. This year we are planting over 300 flats and these new seed wands will save days of labor!!

    Planting is a critical chore and one of the most rewarding when the seeds sprout and start to grow.  IF you are interested in helping, keep in mind that Volunteers are welcome! Contact Megan to schedule a visit.