Nettles & Clover Blossoms & Dandelion Greens, Oh My!

red cloverNow that the first distribution is in the door, it’s time to try out some of the recipe choices for the week!  We often make homemade iced tea & lemonade at this time of year, and I recently found a recipe for Red Clover Lemonade.  For those of who selected them, you might want to give this a try with the Upper Meadows Farm Red Clover Blossoms.  Or, maybe you’d prefer the Red Clover Almond Biscuits. You can find the recipes by going to the Prodigal Gardens Web site, and selecting “Red Clover” in the Recipes section.

This Web site is full of information and other recipes for the veggies in this week’s distribution & others we may receive in the future.  There are lots of new ideas for the Upper Meadows Farm Dandelion Greens, Grape Leaves & Nettles.  I’m going to try the Nettles-Ricotta Pie (Surprise! It’s adapted from Mollie Katzen’s “Moosewood Cookbook”!) when we get some nettles.

Sales are dandy for edible weeds

Sales are dandy for edible weeds
Demand for dandelions and other edible weeds is growing at grocery stores. “People are getting back to their grandparents’ food,” said Bill Coleman of Coleman Family Farms, which has seen a 25% increase in edible-weed sales compared with last year. The Wall Street Journal

Greens Gone Wild


Dandelion-spring tonic dynamo

Lambsquarter-a mineral and vitamin power pack

Lambsquarter-a mineral and vitamin power pack

None of the items in your CSA share will be more contentious than the greens. Leonard is a big fan of things like dandelion, purslane and nettles, but not everybody shares his passion. Every year, there’s at least one member who asks why they are paying for “weeds”. (Leonard will give you all the reasons, just ask.)


We’re still more than a few weeks away from getting native greens from the frozen soil at Upper Meadows Farm, but not so in the southern reaches of the United States. And the eco-Web site “Grist” has a North Carolina-based blogger who seems to love these greens as much as Leonard. April McGreger has a nice post on all the plusses of wild greens and one very good idea on what to do with them: Make gumbo z’herbes, a New Orleans specialty. It might even make a dandelion fan out of me yet.